creative planning and research for equitable communities


Assembly Arts brings together arts institutions, cities, universities and the community to identify shared values and build community resources that enable artistic expression, municipal growth, social equity and human belonging.  

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Assembly Arts is led by Teresa Koberstein, a forward-thinking analyst based in Portland, Oregon who can ensure your creative development work is backed by solid research. Teresa weaves ten years' experience as a finance director in the design sector with a deep background in research, work as a theater artist and administrator, and service in the nonprofit sector. Drawing inspiration from her background in a collaborative and improvisational theatre practice, Teresa is enthusiastic about working with clients to create an engagement and planning process that is unique to the needs of your community. Read More about Teresa


Whether conducting a feasibility study for a new arts facility, developing a business plan, operating pro-forma, creating new programming, or analyzing the impact of grantmaking in a community, Teresa’s process involves a thorough assessment imperative for planning and decision making. 
It sets the project on a strong course forward.  


Feasibility Studies can help communities and organizations determine the need for creative spaces.



For organizations interested in examining their current budget, staffing and operational practices, as well as plan for new arts facilities.



Arts facility development, creative placemaking strategies, and developing innovative revenue streams all benefit from program development planning.



Assessments play a crucial role in measuring impact of solutions or investments and the extent to which strategic goals have been met.



All projects are bolstered by placemaking/place keeping values and principals.





Director of Community Education,
Institute of Art and Design at New England College

"Teresa understands the needs of businesses, artists, policy makers, and community. She grasps the nuances of creative placemaking and centers collaboration and equity in her work. She knows the power of cross-sectoral connections and the vital role arts and artists play in them, strengthening the social ecosystem. She is the perfect blend of creativity, business savvy, vision, and practicality. If you're looking for someone to bring your vision to life and effectively address challenges, Teresa is the person for you."



Teresa has completed planning and research on behalf of these nonprofit and government organizations:

Teresa also received funding in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council for research and planning on arts space development in Portland, Oregon. 

Assembly Arts Clients

Wareham Hall Manhattan, Kansas

Oregon Film Portland, Oregon

The Circus Project  Portland, Oregon

Crave Theatre  Portland, Oregon

Dance Wire  Portland, Oregon

A-WOL Dance Collective   Portland Oregon

Business for Culture & the Arts   Portland, Oregon

Assembly Arts in collaboration with AD Hamingson & Associates

Lake Placid Center for the Arts   Lake Placid, NY

Classical Theatre of Harlem   New York, NY

Assembly Arts in collaboration with Victor Gotesman Performing Arts Planning

City of Hoover   Hoover, Alabama

The Colburn School    Los Angeles, California

The Music Center, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion,   Los Angeles, California

Montgomery County    Wheaton, Maryland

Denver Arts & Venues     City of Denver, Colorado

May Bonfils Stanton Theatre  Denver, Colorado

Jewish Community Center   Denver, Colorado

Creative Waco   City of Waco, Texas

Push Dance Company   San Francisco, California

Other Freelance Projects

Knowledge Empower, Various Projects New York, NY

New York State Council on the Arts  New York, NY | Through Lord Cultural Resources in collaboration with Knowledge Empower

Fractured Atlas   New York, NY

Webb Management Services, Various Projects   New York, NY

Past Employers

Krupp Group     New York, NY

National Coalition Against Censorship    New York, NY

Theatre Communications Group  New York, NY

Sheridan Opera House    Telluride, Colorado